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Mission statement

Introducing Smart Data

A digital world needs digital content that can be owned. A data-driven democracy needs data that is sovereign, with rights, emancipation, and identity. A world where data becomes a digital asset, empowering artists, musicians, content creators and individuals, as well as businesses and institutions of all kinds.

Zenotta introduces Smart Data, a decentralized file format leveraging the power of encryption and blockchain technology to create programmable data that can be truly owned, with identity, rights, intelligence and privacy embedded at the data level.

The decentralized file format reinvents the notion of secure, cold storage and enables it by state rather than by location. As the owner of the data, your claim and control of the data is based on identity rather than access, with immutability of the historical record provided by the Zenotta blockchain. With full control over your data imparted through symmetric and asymmetric encryption, and a programmable metadata layer, you can choose how your data is used, or not used, in every sphere.

Vision Statement

A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Trade System

Data is the cornerstone of digital systems. In an increasingly digital world, data has become the lifeblood of our technical, social, legal, and economic structures. However, while data can convey information effectively, it cannot be used to reliably ascribe value. This is termed ‘The Data Problem’, and it is rooted in the problem of scarcity and fungibility. If you can simply copy, edit or duplicate a file for essentially zero cost, it’s value as a commodity remains limited. Until now, the solution tried by purveyors or custodians of digital goods was to prevent them from being copied, in order to give them scarcity and, therefore, value. However, this requires significant technical and legal efforts at a human level and is largely doomed to failure.

In order for data to be truly owned, we require a new approach to the digital world. An approach designed from the ground-up, that natively imparts ownership on a truly digital level, within the data itself. Imagine a society where you can pay your rent with a song that you wrote, or buy groceries with a piece of digital art that you own. Imagine trillions of connected, programmable files, with rights, intelligence, and privacy assigned at the file level. A new data Universe where content creators, businesses dealing in digital products, or in fact any individual, company, institution, or government, can leverage the power of their data in a way never seen before.


Anyone can use the Zenotta Data Protocol to convert their data into Smart Data, a non-fungible asset that satisfies the properties of rivalry and excludability.


The revolutionary Smart Data format enables identity-based ownership, a more secure and egalitarian alternative to access-based ownership.


An innovative dual double entry ledger allows for the trade of data peer-to-peer over the Zenotta blockchain in a manner that ensures secure bi-directional movement of both the payment and the asset.


The Zenotta Digital System unlocks the social, legal, and economic value of data. For the first time, files offer a form of tangible value creation that can be bought & sold, transferred, or used as collateral.

The Currency of the Smart Data Economy

The Zeno Token

The world needs more than a peer-to-peer electronic payment network. It needs a way to facilitate electronic trade of digital goods & services, and open up the true value of data to all. The decentralized form of money creation that the crypto ecosystem has enabled has been a paradigm shift - however, there has not been an equivalent, corresponding increase in real digital goods & services, which means little or no economic growth.

The Zeno token is designed to be the world’s first cryptocurrency that represents real economic value. Zeno tokens are used to purchase Smart Data and provide the ‘gas’ for Smart Data contracts. Native to the Zenotta blockchain, Zeno tokens are exchanged for Smart Data through an innovative dual double-entry ledger that ensures two-way trade rather than one-way payments. The Zeno token is the currency of the Smart Data economy.



The Zenotta story began with the realisation of ’The Data Problem’, the fundamental mismatch between a world rapidly becoming digitized and the inability of data to hold any formal value in an economic, social, or legal sense. With this insight, it was clear that digital systems needed to be re-invented in a way that gave every individual full control over their data. It emerged as an inevitable consequence that imbuing data with identity and rights on a machine level was necessary for a truly digital world.

Zenotta AG is based in Zug, Switzerland, at the forefront of blockchain and data innovation. Comprised of a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists, Zenotta builds on the shoulders of giants in the worlds of philosophy and science in order to create an entirely new approach to the digital Universe. Developing the technical aspects of our system alongside a dedicated body of law for digital systems governance and execution, Zenotta seeks to redefine the way in which we use data in an inter-connected world.

Our Team

Powered by People

Roelou Barry

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Thought leader. Emerging technology entrepreneur. Investor.

Switzerland-based Roelou Barry is a cloud and data storage technology pioneer who was instrumental in developing data offerings used by millions of customers globally since 1998.
In 2012, Roelou took an interest in blockchain technologies with particular focus on how data-handling and -value could be enhanced. He was the driving force behind a number of international blockchain and crypto projects, which culminated in the birth of the Zenotta Digital System.

Andrew Kessler

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Tech entrepreneur and cryptographic generalist

First prize winner at the IDC Inventors Garage. Finalist in the GAP Innovation Competition. Finalist in SEED STARS. TIA grant holder. Zug-based Andrew Kessler is a serial entrepreneur who worked on a N-doped diamond-based semiconductor startup and founded a number of additional startups, focused on biometrics, logistics and human identity. Andrew has a background in chemistry and biochemistry, and a strong knowledge base in cryptography.


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The personal information we collect is used for the purpose for which it was provided to us. For more information about how Zenotta processes your personal data, please view our Privacy Policy.